Tempest FAQs

Q: What is Staron® Tempest?

A: Staron Tempest is a 100 percent acrylic solid surface alternative designed to provide a look similar to natural stone and quartz with the benefits of solid surface.

Q: How is Tempest different from Staron’s other lines, Solid Surface and Quartz?

A: Staron Tempest is a new generation of solid surface specifically designed with a look that rivals natural stone and quartz. Unlike classic solid surface, Tempest features highly translucent particulate within the material. The result is a unique, eye-catching aesthetic which allows light to refract within the material instead of reflecting off the surface. This creates a surface that has visual depth and is less opaque. Despite its quartz-like appearance, Tempest allows benefits that quartz surfaces don’t, including its seamless appearance and nonporous, hygienic properties. Additionally, Tempest surfaces can be fabricated in to configurations nearly impossible with quartz.

Q: Are there different fabrication and finishing options available with Tempest?

A: Yes. Tempest can be fabricated in a range of ways, providing endless design options, including a variety of edge finishes, a seamless backsplash and integration with all-acrylic Staron sinks and bowls. Insets or patterns can also be included in the surface for an added aesthetic feature.

Q: Why would someone use Tempest over classic solid surface?

A: Staron Tempest is a great option for consumers, designers, remodelers and home builders looking for a surfacing material that resembles granite but possesses has the design versatility and hygienic properties of solid surface.

Q: Can Tempest be used in places other than homes?

A: Tempest’s endless design possibilities make it ideal for commercial-use applications. With its hygienic properties, Tempest is one of the few surfaces approved for use in healthcare facilities and commercial food service areas. Staron Tempest is also ideal for use in a range of hospitality settings.

Q: Is Tempest hygienic?

A: A nonporous material with smooth, impenetrable seams, Staron Tempest is hygienic as it does not provide spaces for germs, mold or bacteria to grow. Surfaces like laminate, tile and granite have grout lines or ridges, prime places for bacteria.

Q: How do I care for Tempest?

A: Simply wipe clean using warm water and mild soap. Use of glass or other ammonia-based cleaners are a great way to achieve a non-streak shine.

Q: Will placing a hot pan directly harm Tempest?

A: While Tempest is heat-resistant and remains stable and undamaged up to 212 degrees F, it’s recommended to always use a heat pad or trivet or to have heat rails incorporated into the surface next to your stove. High heat or flame can damage the surface, but it can be repaired in most cases.

Q: Can you cut directly onto Tempest?

A: You can, but it isn’t recommended. Cutting directly on Tempest surfaces can scratch or cut the surface. Fabricators will often provide a small piece of Tempest for use as a cutting board.

Q: Should it be damaged, can Tempest be repaired or refinished?

A: Yes. Scratches and cuts can be buffed away with a scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleanser. Tempest can also be repaired and refinished, leaving the surface looking like new.

Q: How is Tempest installed?

A: Staron Tempest should be installed by trained and licensed fabricators in order to ensure full warranty coverage.

Q: How long will my Staron Tempest surface last?

A: Through proper care and maintenance, Tempest surfaces can last for years.

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