Samsung Staron Care & Maintenance

1. Preventive measures

As with any surface, Staron® surfaces have to be cleaned and cared for.

This is quite simple, providing that certain logical rules are observed right from the planning stage:

One should be quite aware of the fact that a work surface or a surface used for heavy- duty purposes (e.g. kitchen countertop) is, of course, subjected to much higher loads and demands than a pure design surface (e.g. furniture front). And signs of wear and tear are much more visible on surfaces than they are on light surfaces. Therefore, we recommend that you should select a lighter coloured and structured design for use as work surfaces or heavy-duty surfaces. The ideal finish for that type of surface would be silk mat.

Design surfaces, on the other hand, are usually only cleaned with the aid of water and a soft cloth or sponge. Therefore, depending on customer requirements, high gloss surfaces are usually applied as design surfaces.

2. Cleaning and care

Staron® can and should be cleaned with the aid of abrasives. This means, as opposed to many other surface materials, stubborn dirt and stains can be removed with the aid of Scotch-Brite scouring sponges and, if necessary, also with the aid of scouring milk. Thus, even the most stubborn stains can be removed. This also simultaneously helps to remove small scratches and other signs of wear and tear. Due to the poreless, homogenous surface and the seamless bonding, Staron® is naturally extremely hygienic and easy to clean, because no dirt can penetrate the material. Therefore, germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance.

The following substances can, for instance, be easily removed with the aid of a sponge, water and, if necessary, a small amount of dishwashing liquid or neutral cleaning agent: Alkaline solutions, fruit juice, soap, milk, olive oil, soya sauce, water-soluble paint, coffee, spices, ketchup, vinegar, chocolate etc.

For removal of the following substances we recommend that the surface is cleaned with the aid of a vinegar-based cleaning agent or scouring milk together with a Scotch-Brite scouring sponge:Cosmetics, wax crayon, eye-shadow, lipstick, hair tinting lotion, iodine solution, ink, ball pen ink, felt pen ink, shoe cream or similar products.

Excessive or long contact with the following substances should be avoided, because they can roughen the surface, which would make it necessary to repolish or regrind the surface: Strong concentrations of acids or base fluids, ketone solutions, solvent-containing substances and similar products. If you should acci dently spill such a substance, it should be simply wiped off with the aid of plenty of water.

3. The following should also be observed

Due to the fact that modern cooking pots and hotplates can nowadays reach temperatures of over 400° Celsius, hot pots and pans should certainly not be placed directly on a Staron® surface, because this could, in an extreme case, cause damage in the form of a brightening of the respective area or, at the worst, even create a tension crack. In contrast to many other types of material, Staron® can be repaired in both cases, but this can be easily avoided.

The best way to avoid this kind of damage is to simply place a mat on the Staron® surface. Staron® also provides an elegant design solution for this problem: Right next tothe stove top, grooves can be cut in an appropriate pattern in which stainless steel rods can be placed. When necessary, these can even be removed and simply placed in the utensil and cutlery basket to be washed in the dishwasher.

Staron® also recommends that cutting is not performed directly on the countertop.

You won’t be able to deeply damage the surface of the sheet, but you will be able to cause superficial cutting marks. These marks then have to be laboriously removed with the aid of a scouring sponge. In addition to this, your good knives will become blunt. A chopping or cutting board helps to avoid this.

4. The following should also be observed with regard to Staron® sinks and bowls:

Regular cleaning with a scouring sponge (Scotch-Brite).

When pouring off boiling water, it is safer to run cold water at the same time. This helps to avoid possible thermal shocks.

If you should happen to have particularly hard water within your local region, after a certain length of time it may appear that the sink or wash-bowl begins to slightly discolour after pouring in substances, such as coffee, beetroot juice, tea or face powder.

No need to worry. It is only due to a lime-scale deposit on the surface. This lime-scale deposit is naturally porous. Thus, the lime-scale itself has discoloured. Due to the fact that Staron® is absolutely poreless, all you need to do is to remove the lime-scale from the surface, and the sink or wash-bowl is as good as new again.

This is our special cleaning tip: Simply fill the sink or wash-bowl with lukewarm water, put in a denture cleaning agent (e.g. Corega Tabs), and leave to soak over night. Then you can easily wipe away the loose lime-scale with a scouring sponge the next morning.

If you follow these rules and tips, you will have many years of pleasure with your Staron® installation.

If you do have an accident or mishap, which we haven’t mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to contact your Staron® partner or get in touch directly under

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