Samsung Staron Colour Chart

Some color may require additional maintenance. Some colors contain metallic flakes that have reflective properties, which may cause the color to look different (brightness) depending on the angle of view. Digital representation of colors may vary from actual samples: Please view actual sample prior to selection.

Aspen Series
AB632 (Brown) AD621(Dark) AF611(Fiesta) AG612(Glacier) AG620(Grey) AG661(Green)
AL650(Lava) AM631(Amber) AM633(Mine) AP640(Pepper) AS610(Snow) AS658(Sunray)
AS660(Spruce) AS661(Slate) AS670(Sky)      
Metallic Series
ED535(Valencia) ED545(Beach) EC596(Cosmos) EG595(Galaxy) EY510(Yukon)
Pebble Series
PA860(Aqua) PB812(Beach) PB870(Blue) PC821(Caper) PC851(Copper) PC880(Confetti)
PC895(Cliffside) PD828(Dark-Green) PE814(Ebony) PF812(Frost) PG810(Grey) PG840(Gold)
PI811(ICE) PK843(Kernel) PL848(Limestone) PP868(Ponderosa) PQ853(Quarry) PR850(Rose)
PS813(Swan) PS820(Saratoga) PS852(Sienna) PS871(Shale) PT857(Terrain)  
Sanded Series
QA260(Arroyo) QC261(Canyon) QE240(Esker) QM242(Mesa) GR241(Riverbed) DN421(Dark-Nebula)
SB412(Birch) SB452(Blush) SC433(Cornmeal) SC457(Chestnut) SG420(Grey) SG441(Gold-Dust)
SI414(Icicle) SK432(Kiwi) SL463(Leaf) Sm411(Midnight) SM421(Cream) SM453(Mocha)
SM470(Marine) SO423(Onyx) SO446(Oatmeal) Sp462(Pine) SS418(Stratus) SS440(Sahara)
SS451(Sunset) SS471(Seafoam) SV430(Vermillion) WP410(White-Pepper)
Solid I
BW010(Bright-White) ON095(Onyx) SC010(Celadon) SC015(Cumulus) SC052(California-Poppy) SF020(Fog)
Solid II
SG054(Geranium) SG065(Green-Tea) SI040(Ivory) SI056(Iris) SI071(Skylight) SM075(Mountain-Bluebird)
SO021(Off-White) SP011(Pearl) SP016(Pure-White) SP073(Purple-Heart) SS042(Sunflower) ST015(Tusk)
ST023(Steel) SU053(Univers) SV041(Natural) SW055(Walnut)
Talus Series
TA395(Ash) TL385(Luna) TO310(Oyster) TS345(Sandbar)

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